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woman Turner, Ann ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎J. M. Johnson‎
man Turner, Arther ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Turner, Catherine ‏ (born ‎Oct 21 1936 Winston - GA - died ‎02 Apr 2011 Atlanta Medical Center) ‎ & ‎Louis Butler‎
woman Turner, Celia ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Johnny Beckom‎
man Turner, Charles Wesly ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Sarah Ann Woody‎
man Turner, Cleve ‏ (born ‎06 Jul 1939 - died ‎04 Jul 1964) ‎ & ‎Peggy Beckom‎
man Turner, Cleveland ‏ (born ‎11 Oct 1901 - died ‎11 Dec 1990 Douglasville - GA) ‎ & ‎Annie May George‎
woman Turner, Edna ‏ PRIVACY FILTER1st & ‎Fred Pate‎ 2nd X ‎Richard Edward Barmann‎
man Turner, Edward ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Turner, Eugene ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Mary Hussey‎
man Turner, Gary Anthony ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Kimberly Suzette Geer‎
woman Turner, Helen ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Wayman Jimmy Cohran, Sr‎
man Turner, Herman ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Jacqueline Denise Floyd‎
man Turner, Herman Jeffery ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Turner, James ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Turner, Janice ‏ (died ‎04 Jul 1964) ‎
woman Turner, Laura ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Turner, Mary Jane ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Turner, Minni Lee ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Marvin Lester Spratlin‎
man Turner, Noah ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman Turner, Opal ‏ PRIVACY FILTER1st & ‎James Reid‎ 2nd & ‎James Reid‎
woman Turner, Patricia ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Danny Pratt‎
man Turner, Paul ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Turner, Phillp ‏ (born ‎1925 - died ‎1927) ‎
woman Turner, Sabrina Denise ‏ (born ‎21 Feb 1968 Douglas County - died ‎SepT 9 2009) ‎
woman Turner, Tiffani Savanah Michielle ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Turner, Whitfield ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man Turner, William Oliver ‏ (born ‎03 Nov 1927 - died ‎07 Mar 1992) ‎ & ‎Marsha Coburn‎

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