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woman George, Angie Jane ‏ PRIVACY FILTER1st & ‎Phillip Wayne Calhoun‎ 2nd X ‎William Gary Patrick/ J, Jr‎
woman George, Annie May ‏ (born ‎28 May 1907 - died ‎18 Mar 1999 Douglasville - GA) ‎ & ‎Cleveland Turner‎
man George, Anthony , Jr, Junior ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Lucy M. L. Henbree‎
man George, Anthony, Sr. Senior ‏ (born ‎1690 Northhampton County - VA - died ‎ Craven County - NC) ‎ & ‎Francis M‎
man George, Anthony ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Frances Harman‎
woman George, Bessie May ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Unknown Banks‎
man George, Buddy ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Buran Helton ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman George, Carolina ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George , Clarence , Jr ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Clarence S. ‏ (born ‎04 Jul 1927 - died ‎27 Jan 2002) ‎ & ‎Unknown Unknown‎
woman George, Clarissa Ann ‏ (born ‎04 Jun 1981 - died ‎04 Jun 1981) ‎
man George, Clayton ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Clint ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Danny ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Gail ‎
man George, David Bradley ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, David Clay ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman George, Debbie ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Tim Bryant‎
woman George, Debbie Sue Kilgore ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Noah Nickson Williford‎
woman George, Debra ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Ken Miller‎
man George, Denver ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎Shirley Kilgore Jiles‎
man George, Earl ‏ (born ‎24 Apr 1916 Carrollton - GA) ‎ X ‎Elsie Bivens‎
woman George, Earnistine Evans ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman George, Elisa ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Eric ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
man George, Eugene ‏ (born ‎1933 - died ‎1992) ‎
woman George, Frances ‏ PRIVACY FILTER
woman George, Francis Joan ‏ PRIVACY FILTER1st & ‎Michael Baxter‎ 2nd & ‎Frank Jacobs‎
woman George, Frannie ‏ PRIVACY FILTER & ‎ Halstead‎
man George, Gilbert Paul ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Erma Hoper‎

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