Robert M. LaFollette Graduating Class Milwaukee, WI Spring 1946

Mr.Friitchel Principle Gloria Gilraunt Walter Bruhn Richard Lange Beverly Bastian William Krieger Dicky Learned Donald Slominski Virginia Gazinski Mr Miller 8A Homeroom
Joan Daines Marion Friedle Dorothy Timm Donald Dickhut Neil Benn James Treiterer Doris Timm Lorris Holz
Clifford Fritz Donald Barker Eunice Eggert Anne Seidl Joyce Thom Nancy Grosser Beverly Seager Dick Barmann Nancy Matson
Maynard Steihm Gerald Frikes Joan Bindrich Joan Gilman Howard Knotek Mary Ann Frasch Diana Blumling Robert Pavlac Arnold Jorgenson
I may have spelled some of the names wrong because the writing was in pencil and very old. Please Email: me with any corrections. In the 60's Barmannsbar was on Atkinson Ave between 10th and 11th. Nash came into Atkinson on a slant at that corner. We ice skated at the little park between 9th and 10th.